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Trustworthy Pest Control

Earl's Pest Control is no stranger to general pest control in San Jose, CA. Ants and fleas are some of the more common pest infestations. Left to run wild, ants can destroy critical structures in your home, and in some rare extreme occurrences, cause allergic reactions. Fleas typically appear in the summer, but they can be a year-round problem. If left unchecked, fleas can cause serious health concerns for your pets. At the first sign of an issue, it’s best to give us a call.

man spraying around house for bugs

What Are the Signs of an Ant Problem?

Ants are one of the most industrious insects, making them terrible guests in your home. They can sneak into your home to look for food, and they’ll signal the whole colony even if they find crumbs. The type of ants infesting your house can determine if they are a nuisance or a potential safety threat. Sugar ants are a nuisance, but carpenter ants can damage the stability of your home. Our technicians are trained to identify the infestation. Here are some of the more common signs of an ant infestation:

  • Seeing ants walking in a line throughout your kitchen.
  • Your pet’s food and water bowl are attracting ants.
  • Ant nests and colonies start appearing in your yard.
person spraying for bugs in kitchen

How to Identify a Flea Infestation

Anyone with a pet is already familiar with this pest. There is a common misconception that fleas only attack your furry friends. Their bites usually appear as little red scabs along your sock line and feet. If left untreated, fleas can pose a severe health concern to your animal and you. Flea bites can cause allergic reactions and infections in humans. Your pets could have allergic reactions to flea bites and discomfort or skin irritations. There are some go-to signs that fleas have made themselves at home:

  • Your animal is constantly scratching or nipping at its skin.
  • Sudden hair loss in your pets can indicate fleas are present.
  • Checking your animal’s gums, as pale gums indicate that fleas are around.

Solutions You Can See

Getting back your business or home is our biggest concern. We want you to feel confident knowing you picked us. While varying between types of infestations, you should see results quickly. Remember, it’s always best to seek help for your infestation as soon as possible. Ants and fleas can lead to either structural damage or health complications. Call us if you’re suffering from an infestation or think you may have one. It’s always better to be safer than sorry.

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