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Dangers Associated With Birds and Bats

Earl's Pest Control is no stranger to San Jose, CA’s variety of birds and bats. If your home or business has an issue with these flying pests, we can help. It’s important to note these pests’ health and structural hazards. Bats are commonly associated with vampires, but the real danger doesn’t come from them attempting to suck your blood. The real threat is that bats are generally associated with diseases, and their droppings can spread them. Birds can cause structural damage to your home or business. They also carry diseases such as salmonella and Newcastle disease.

birds on a window ledge

Common Flying Pest Removal Services

Each species of bird presents its own set of complications. Thankfully our technicians are trained and prepared to handle each species. Once called, your technician will evaluate the situation and determine the most cost-effective technique. We utilize the same procedure when it comes to bats. Our team is ready to help you remove these pests regardless of the issues. Here are some of the more common solutions we use:

  • Bird Netting
  • Repellents to Deter Birds Humanely

Keeping Your Skies Clear

While we understand that it may seem easy to remove these pests, our professionals follow state and county laws, codes, and regulations, ensuring everything moves smoothly and the birds and bats aren’t harmed if needed. There’s also the issue of dealing with the pests dropping. Our technicians are also trained in cleaning and sanitizing the infested areas. We want to ensure the problems don’t come back and that you and your family or business are safe from any potential harm. That is why we create solutions tailored to your structure and needs. If you are suffering from a bird or bat infestation, give us a call. We would be happy to conduct our free estimation and get you back on track.

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