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Identify the Unknown Threat

Are you bit by something you can’t see while you try to sleep? If you said yes, your home might be infested by bed bugs. Earl's Pest Control in San Jose, CA, can identify these pests. Not all bites people get are related to bed bugs, so misdiagnoses often occur. These pests are incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable but can lead to some severe issues for you and your home. Bed bugs typically appear at night and feed off your blood. During the day, they hide throughout your home, including walls, floors, and curtains. You can take comfort in knowing our team is trained to identify these pests and remove them from your home.

man checking bed for bugs

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

You may be wondering just how dangerous a bed bug infestation may be. Bed bugs are known to spread disease. They can be annoying because they cause itching and a lack of sleep. A bed bug bite affects each person separately, from no physical signs and tiny bite marks to a severe allergic reaction. Besides calling our professional team, there are other ways to help identify an infestation. Look for bed bug exoskeletons, bugs in the fold of your mattress and sheets, and a sweet, musty odor. Those are general signs of bed bugs in your home.

technician spraying for pests near baseboards

Handling the Infestation

Our technicians follow a strict regimen when handling a bed bug infestation. Eliminating bed bugs requires your cooperation in the preparation and our treatments. We provide clients with a bed bug preparation form/checklist to ensure everyone understands and is ready for the treatment. Some of the preparation includes placing certain items and laundry in clean and unused clear bags, giving the technicians access to your mattress, and being sure to seal every bag before our arrival. It’s our goal to make everything as straightforward as possible.

Preparation is needed before treatment, please download our Bed Bug Preparation Instructions.

Results You Can Trust

We understand there may be some embarrassment or panic regarding bed bugs. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. The team stands ready to help you with your infestation. We’ve broken everything down into an easy-to-follow checklist and are always happy to answer any questions. Be sure to follow our advice above to identify an infestation. It’s always best to let us know as soon as possible. This is to ensure the issue does not become more severe.

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